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“Thank you! Ann, for your knowledge, but even more, your Wisdom regarding the Ayurvedic lifestyle. I learned a great deal from you about the Doshas, and how to balance my Pitta, with some Vata. I learned that Ayurveda is more than Food! Also Colors, activities, etc. This is such important wisdom! And you’re a patient, clear teacher too!” — Judith Beck, People’s Food Co-op, Member-Owner; Portland, Oregon


“I recently had a consult with Ann, concerning health issues I was experiencing from extreme prolonged stress, on top of peri-menopausal symptoms. After a thorough consult with Ann, I walked away with a recommendation of a few simple dietary changes, along with some lifestyle ones as well. Ann’s approach is very, very specific to your body, and habits. I responded so well to her approach of trying  “Just try a few of these things for now,” that I felt improvement of my overall heath very quickly — within a week. I will be using Ann’s Ayurvedic services again for sure!”  — Carol Sternkopf, Photographer, Bend, Oregon


“Loved Ann’s cooking class. Everything tasted wonderful,” says Peter Englander, Manager, Portland, Oregon.


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