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What’s my Dosha?

Sample Dosha Quiz: Write the number that applies to you.

Body Frame

1. Thin, boney, thin as a child

2. Medium build

3. Big boned, large frame


1. Dry, rough or cracked

2. Soft, oily, medium

3. Smooth, oily, moist


1. Dry, course, very curly or average

2. Fine, thinning, straight, red, blond, grey

3. Thick, oily, wavy, smooth

Activity Level

1. Restless, nervous, active, fidget, knit

2. Regular, focused or intense

3. Steady, enjoy sitting and not exercising


4 = Vata (Fall and Winter)

5-6 = Vata-Pitta combination

7-9 = Pitta (Summer)

10-11 Pitta-Kapha combinaiton

12 = Kapha (Spring)


For more information, take Deepak Chopra’s Body Type Quiz or

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